Some people will go to extraordinary lengths to make  a mess of themselves – here’s the perfect opportunity to get amongst it at Bootleg Brewery on the 2nd July. The resort can assist you – at least with accommodation for a few nights! Book Now 

FOR SOME, WINTER means cosying up in front of a wood fire, drinking big mugs of hot Milo and knitting scarves.

For others, it means flinging themselves into huge muddy puddles, down slippery slides and over unyielding obstacles. If that gets your heart racing, then we have good news for you, because the South West Mudfest is just around the corner. When you’re well limbered up and have your camp clothes on, you can head down to Bootleg Brewery where the fun begins. There will be two mucky courses: the 5km Mud Mayhem and 12km Dirty Dozen, with the tracks of both littered with distinctly South West obstacles.

We are talking tractor tyres, bird netting, dams, beer kegs and of course, good old fashioned mud. Take your time, and really wallow in that mud, because let’s face it, mud is fun.

This muddier than ever challenge is suitable for all fitness levels, and is all about having a good time with your mates. Get a crew together and sign up now at